About me

I have completed a number of qualifications including Pilates, Contemporary Dance, Ballet Fitness, Yoga, and UK Athletics Association Leadership in Running Fitness.

I now teach mindful, contemporary mat-based Pilates, sometimes using small equipment (ball and band), as well as Pilates FIT (dynamic Fitness Interval Training), and Pilates Stretch.  I continue to incorporate certain elements from all of my training into my sessions.

My own practice has helped me through many years of marathon running and ballet, pregnancy, motherhood, getting older, and more.  It's a pleasure to pass on these benefits in my local classes.  I've met so many wonderful people and made long-time friends.  

I have contributed to "Runner's World", "Running Free"," "Health and Fitness", "Yoga Magazine", and "Zest" magazine and have been featured in London's "Evening Standard", "The Telegraph", New Zealand's "Fitness Life" Sweden's "Fitness" magazine, "Women's Running", "Women's Fitness", "Men's Running", "Yoga & Health", "The Metro", "Harper's Bazaar" and "The Financial Times". 

I have also contributed to three books - "Triathlon Made Easy" by Zoe McDonald and Lisa Buckingham,  "Real Women Run" by Sam Murphy and "Everyone Try Yoga" by Victoria Woodhall and Jonathan Sattin. 

As time passes, I endeavour to keep my knowledge current and fresh with reading, research, and continuing professional development courses.

Key Qualfications
BA (Hons) Performing Arts (1988)
Yoga teacher certification (2001)
BASI Pilates mat teacher certification with Amit Younger (2008)
NATD Contemporary Dance teacher certification (2014)
Ballet Fit instructor certification (2016)
Lifestyle Medicine for Stress Management - Harvard Medical School CME (2017)
Part-time doctoral research student, Health & Society (on-going)

Professional Memberships
British Association of Sport and Exercises Sciences
Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity