With gyms and yoga spaces closed again, I hope we can stay connected online!

Please join me for live stream Pilates on Sundays or access my free 6-week yoga home practice video series (created at home during the last lockdown).  If further video classes are offered (e.g. through The Fort Gym), I will post the info here.  When live classes resume, this page will be updated.  Details of everything current are below... 


Pilates is being live streamed again until further notice.  

Sundays 10am-11am.  Booking is required. To sign up, visit and click "book a class". 

Sometimes my classes repeat (pre-recorded) at other time slots throughout the week, so check the yogaworks timetable.  Hope to see you on-screen soon!  

This is a general level mat class, to condition the body, develop functional fitness and healthy movement patterns, and centre the mind with breath and body awareness. (Note: This class is not suitable during pregnancy).


Free 6 week yoga video series. These short home practice videos are only available via the links below and will be posted weekly starting Nov 5th:

Week 1 of 6 - Short All-Round Practice (23 minutes)

Week 2 of 6 - Core and Strength (13 minutes)

Week 3 of 6 - Balance (18 minutes)

Week 4 of 6 - Backbends (17 minutes)