Pilates at Yogaworks London now takes place in the studio and is also being live streamed until further notice.  Practice in person or at home!

Sundays 10-11am.  Booking is required! To sign up, visit and click "book a class". 

Sometimes my classes repeat (pre-recorded) at other time slots throughout the week, so check the yogaworks timetable.  Hope to see you on-screen soon!  

This is a general level mat class, to condition the body, develop functional fitness and healthy movement patterns, and centre the mind with breath and body awareness. (Note: This class is not suitable during pregnancy).


Yoga is back on at The Fort Gym, The Piper Building Peterborough Rd, Fulham, London SW6 3EF.  

Saturdays 10-11:15am and Tuesdays 9:30-10:30am
Day passes are available at:  Booking is required!

These are general level flow yoga classes with an emphasis on breathing and alignment, designed to strengthen and stretch the body and calm the mind.